Cartridge filters

The cartridge filters from PRESLUB range are specifically designed for the filtration of lubricants, fuels and fuel oil. We offer a wide range of flow capacities, from small flow rates to large needs, in a variety of filtration grades available to achieve β1000 efficiencies.
  • LF1 Cast aluminium cartridge filter model, designed for solid particles retention in lubricant oils & derivatives, indicated for all industrial applications. Horizontal installation. Two-piece constructed body with threaded union for an easy cartridge replacement. By-pass valve integrated to avoid filter element’s collapse.
    Flow Rates From 30 up to 330 lpm
    Connections Threaded 1/2” G hasta 1 1/2” G
    Material  Aluminium
    Filtration range Metallic mesh : 25, 50, 100 y 200 μm. Synthetic fiber: 3, 5, 10 y 20 μm.
    Aplications Hydraulic oils Lubricant oils Compressor oils
  • LF3 Cartridge type filter specially designed for solid particle retention applications in fuel and lubricating oil lines. Indicated for all types of industrial applications.
    Design PED 2014/68/UE
    Tests EN12266 / ASME B31.1
    Sizes DN50/2”  up to DN150/6”
    Rating PN16 / 150Lbs
    Connections Flanged RF PN16 acc. EN1092-1 Flanged RF ANSI 150 acc. ANSI B16.5
    Material A105/A106B AISI 316L
    Filtration range Metallic mesh: 45 y 150µm. Synthetic fiber: 4, 11 y 23 µm.
    Aplications Hydraulic oils Light fuel Fuel