Temporary strainer

Filters designed to protect pipelines during startup and prevent dirt or foreign objects from damaging main equipment. They are installed for a temporary use, available in different configurations: Conical, Basket or Flat.
  • CS1+CS2
    CS1/CS2/CS3 Temporary strainers to be assembled between flanges inside the pipeline, designed for solid particles retention in liquids and gases. Cone-shaped, basket or flat disc construction. Especially suitable for start-up applications or as a temporary filter to protect auxiliary equipment (pumps, valves, etc.) from possible strange objects. Filtration direction inside-outside or outside-inside.
    Sizes From DN40/1 ½ up to DN600/24’’
    Rating PN16-40-63 / 150-300-600Lbs
    Connections To be mounted between flanges RF
    Material  AISI 316L
    Filtration range Metallic mesh: 100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 750 y 850 μm. Ø1, Ø1,5mm. Perforated plate:  Ø2, Ø3, Ø5 y Ø6 mm
    Aplications Steam & gases Water Unload of fuel & derivatives