Cyclonic separator

Accessories neede mainly in steam installations, they can also be used with other compatible gases. Design up to pressures PN64/600# with PED certification.
  • HS1/HS2 The cyclonic separators are designed to remove liquid and solid particles in suspension dragged by air, steam or gas flow. Due to the cyclonic effect, these particles are settled at the bottom of the equipment preventing them to be dragged again. It is recommended to install an automatic or manual draining system to prevent liquid accumulation.
    Design PED 2014/68/UE
    Tests EN12266 
    Sizes DN65/2 ½” up to DN300/12”
    Rating PN16/Class 150 PN40/Class 300
    Connections Flanged RF PN16/PN40 acc. EN1092-1 Flanged RF ANSI 150/300 acc. ANSI B16.5
    Material Carbon steel S235JR/A105 Carbon steel AISI316L
    Aplications Steam Compressed air Compatible gases