Duplex cartridge filters

In the same way as the duplex strainers from PRESFLOW range, the duplex cartridge filters allow high flow and critical processes to be operated without stopping for filter maintenance. They allow long operation times in addition to easy operation and maintenance.
  • DF1 Double body cartridge filter model manufactured in cast aluminium, designed for solid particles retention in lubricants & derivatives in industrial applications. The double body allows to operate the filters alternately, to keep working non-stop when doing the maintenance and cartridge replacing. By-pass valve integrated to avoid cartridge collapse
    Flow rates 160 up to  400lpm
    Connections Threaded 1 1/2” G
    Material  Aluminium
    Filtration range Metallic mesh : 25, 50, 100 y 200 μm. Synthetic fibre: 3, 5, 10 y 20 μm.
    Aplications Hydraulic oils Lubricant oils Compressor oils
  • DF2 Duplex housing filter specially designed for retention of solid particles in industrial application for fuel and lube oil systems. Alternative working housing to let the fi lter operate and do the maintenance without stopping the filtration process. Three parts body with central changeover of 3-way type ball valve system operated with manual gearbox. Easy dismantling of basket covers for the filter element change.
    Design PED 2014/68/UE
    Tests EN12266 / ASME B31.1
    Sizes DN50/2” up to DN150/6”
    Rating PN16 / 150Lbs
    Connections Flanged RF PN16 acc. EN1092-1 Flanged RF ANSI 150 acc. ANSI B16.5
    Materials A105/A106B AISI 316L
    Filtration range Metallic mesh: 45 y 150µm. Synthetic fiber: 4, 11 y 23 µm.
    Applications Hydraulic oils Light fuel Fuel