New representation agreement announcement which helps us to consolidate our distribution network in Spain and Portugal.Currently Meciberia, offers a  global solution in instrumentation, control and industrial security, and from now on it also incorporates our brand and all our filtration products: strainers, filters, bags, cartridges, skids, etc. and all our custom-made solutions for industrial filtration.Welcome to the PRESCAD family! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with our new partners.

PRESCAD – Breaking News!

A few months ago we announced that we'll soon expand our facilities.Today we can affirm we're looking towardsa near future to keep working and growing up.Follow us on our social network to keep up to date with all our news!  


#Exposolidos , #Polusolidos and #Expofluidos are transferred to new dates: Febrery 1, 2 and 3, 2022.Soon we'll have more information about the virtual fair has been planned during the month of February 2021.As members of the Expofluídos organizing committee we firmly support this decision, remain responsible and guaranteeing a safe and healthy setting for our visitors.

RSC PRESCAD – Seur foundation collaboration

At Prescad, we continue with our Corporate Social Responsibility program, collaborating with the SEUR Foundation and the <caps for a new life> campaign.Currently, this campaign collaborates helping Alba, a 3-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who needs to improve her life by doing rehabilitation sessions.You can collaborate by bringing or sending your caps to our facilities! Contact us and we will inform you!

PRESCAD – RSC / 12 Months 4 Causes

During the second quarter, we have collaborated with ADEFFA (Association for the defense and study of native fauna and flora), as part of our RSC Prescad program.ADEFFA is a non-profit association founded in 2006, currently legally registered in the National Registry of Entities with registration number 61.8507.ADEFFA's mission is:To seek for the defense and conservation of the native fauna and flora, with special emphasis on the fauna and flora of our rivers. The preservation of the environment as social...

PRESCAD – New distributor agreement

We're very happy to announce a new distributor agreement with URVA FLUIDOS INDUSTRIALES, S.L.Urva is currently a distributor of important brands of valves and actuators and expands to their current product range incorporanting our brand and all our filtration products strainers, filtersbagfilters, cartridgefilters , skids and more in Andalucía.A young and very professional team we're expecting very successful in all our projects.Welcome to our family!

HS2 / ciclonic separators

The Cyclonic separators are designed to remove liquid particles in suspension dragged by air, steam or gas flow. Due to the cyclonic efect, theses particles are settled at the bottom of the equipment in order to avoid them to be dragged again. Its is recommended to install an automatic or manual draining system to prevent liquid accumulation. Size: DN65/ 2 1/2'' hasta DN300/12'' Rating: PN16/PN40 - 150#/300#   

PRESCAD/ RSC – 12 Months 4 Causes

We're updating our RSC launching a campaign throughout 2020 called 12 months 4 causes. Every 3 months we'll dedicate to a different cause.We start collaborating with the pet shelter from Berga. This pet shelter was founded in 1991. At this moment they're taking care of 20 dogs and 8 cats. Carme, the manager, tells us with enthusiasm that there are 2 workers but more than 15 volunteers. If you want to help them you just have to contact them...