Industrial filtration

What we do

Our product range is organized in 6 divisions to offer our customers the most accurate solution for their filtration needs.
These divisions are intended to facilitate the identification of the most appropriate filtration equipment according to its application and the fluid type involved.
We have filtration solutions from 1 micron up to < 10 mm for several applications in industrial processes.

PRESFLOW – Filtration and protection for installations and equipment.
Y-type, T-type, basket and temporary strainers, etc., simple or duplex configuration. Manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys. Filtration from 50 micron with pressure ratings up to PN400/2500#.


PRESLUB – fuel and lubricants treatment
Cartridge-type filters in aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel. Filtration grade from 4 micron with pressure ratings up to 100 bar.


PRESGAS- high performance filters for compressed air and industrial gases treatment
Cartridge-type filters in aluminium and stainless steel. Filtration grade from 1 micron, with pressure ratings up to 400 bar.


PRESPUR – filters for food & pharma applications
Cartridge-type & bag-type filters for clean culinary steam, water, wine, beverages, reagents, etc. Manufactured in stainless steel, with filtration grade from 1 micron and pressure ratings up to 40 bar. Filter elements with FDA approval available.


PRESMATIC – self-cleaning / automatic strainers
Self-cleaning strainers with manual or motorized operation system, for any kind of application and fluid. Scrapper cleaning, backwashing, or suction system.


PRESKIT – Custom-made filtration systems
Plug & play filtration skids adapted to the application requirements, ready to install and operate.