About us


Prescad Engineering is a team in continuous development, formed by high-qualified personnel with long experience in filtration solutions and process equipment, especially for industrial applications: oil & gas, energy generation, water treatment, among other sectors.

Innovation, constant evolution, and commitment to quality are our trademarks, always working to be the best support for our customers.

We design, develop and manufacture filtration equipment and pressure vessels for the control and conduction of liquids and gases. We are specialised in offering custom-made solutions according to each project requirements, providing all our experience and capacity to satisfy our customer needs with the most appropriate solution.

We offer complete solutions in filtration:

  • – Strainers, simple filters, duplex filters, skids & filtration stations.

All our equipment and solutions include a comprehensive technical support:

  • PED, EN & ASME design
  • Manufacturing and quality documentation
  • END tests, pressure tests and FAT



Born in 2015 and located in Berga, Barcelona, we aimed to make our brand known in the national territory. In 2016 with the award of a major project, we expanded into Europe, until in 2017 we began our path towards the Latin American market, where in 2021 we opened a local and permanent office in Peru.

We currently have +3000 supplies delivered worldwide and projects in +20 countries.

  • 2015

    Our beginnings in a Co-working office.

  • 2016

    Awarding of the first major project: NOR II CSP (Morocco).
    We moved to our first office and warehouse.

  • 2017

    Start of exports to Latin America.
    We moved to a new location: a 500m² industrial unit.

  • 2018

    We started the journey to reach a 100% in-house manufacturing.

  • 2019

    Commercial agreements with our first international distributors in Finland and Peru.
    We designed and manufactured our first cast equipment.

  • 2020

    Re-organized our products in 7 sub-brands to improve solutions for our customers.
    Exports to more than 15 countries.

  • 2021

    Expanded our factoru usable floor área up to 1000m² and integrate some new productive processes at our facilities.
    We develop the first automatic and self-cleaning filtration equipment.

  • 2022

    Integrate the painting process in our facilities.
    Progressing in our Project to establish a permanent office in Latin América.

  • 2023

    With all the manufacturing processes integrated in our facilities, we consolidate our team to give the best service.


The quality of our products, the continuous improvement of our processes and the satisfaction of our customers are our main goals. For these reasons we have implemented the quality and environmental systems standards according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Design and manufacture according to the most demanding standards.

At Prescad we develop our products according to the most recognised international standards and regulations.

All our products are designed and manufactured according to ASME, ANSI, API and EN/ISO standards, in order to offer high quality products. In addition, they are certified according to PED 2014/68/EU, if required.

All our manufacturing processes follow procedures approved by our production and quality department, as well as by independent organisations to guarantee the highest quality.

  • Welding procedures according to ASME and EN
  • Pressure test procedures according to ASME, API and EN
  • Finishing and painting procedures according to ISO standards
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures according to ASME and EN
  • Material testing procedures according to ASME and EN
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  • EXPERTISE AND KNOW HOW: Knowledge at the service of our customers to advise them on the most appropriate so¬lution for each requirement, offering our experience and technical capacity obtained in the multiple projects we have conducted.
  • CUSTOM-MADE SOLUTIONS: We have a design department to offer innovative solutions to our customers, adjusting our products to each application requirements and manufacturing according to the cus¬tomized features and standards for each project.
  • IN HOUSE DESIGN & MANUFACTURING: Design and production processes carried out entirely in our facilities, allowing us to guarantee the highest quality in all processes, also providing flexibility in our service and products.
  • EUROPEAN HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURER: Since the beginning our mission has been to develop solutions focused on improving industrial processes following high quality standards. Selection of materials, design, ma¬nufacturing, technical support, training and advice to give the best filtration solution to our customers.
  • Oil&Gas: Filtration equipment for water, fuel, chemicals, etc. in downstream, midstream and upstream applica¬tions: protection of pumps, exchan¬gers, valves, among other equip¬ment. Designs according to ASME VIII & U-Stamp standards.
  • Energy generation: Filtration solutions for water, steam, thermal oils, fuel, cooling systems, etc. in applications for solar thermal technology, combined cycles, tur¬bines, hydrogeneration and multiple applications.
  • Water treatment/ Desalination: A wide variety of equipment for the entire water treatment process up to osmosis: catchment, pre-filtration, pump protection, ultra-filtration, pro-tection of membranes, etc.
  • Mining / Steel industry / Naval: Filters and strainers for equipment protection and treatment of water, fuel and lubricants in mineral extrac¬tion and metal production. Solutions for the maritime industry: ballast wa¬ter, combustion gases, fuel and lubri¬cants.
  • Chemical/ Automotive/ Paper/ Wood: Filtration solutions for the manufac¬turing industries in the improvement of their production processes: water, steam, lubricants, varnishes, paints, solutions, chemicals, etc., and for equipment protection and produc¬tion systems.
  • Food/ Beverages/ Pharma & Fine Chemistry: Product filtration during the manu¬facturing of food, beverages, addi¬tives, among others, and equipment protection in the conduction of fluids and gases in auxiliary processes: wa¬ter, oil, clean steam, nitrogen.