Resposanbilidad Social Corporativa


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PRESCAD – RSC / 12 Months 4 Causes

During the second quarter, we have collaborated with ADEFFA (Association for the defense and study of native fauna and flora),
as part of our RSC Prescad program.

ADEFFA is a non-profit association founded in 2006, currently legally registered in the National Registry of Entities with registration number 61.8507.

ADEFFA’s mission is:

  • To seek for the defense and conservation of the native fauna and flora, with special emphasis on the fauna and flora of our rivers.
  • The preservation of the environment as social and general goods, resources and waste management, handling of the bio-invassive species.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this collaboration has been reduced with only some series of material’s donations to be re-used as part of a circular economy, the association has used them to transport protected animals or to create new shelters within its facilities.

We are re-scheduling this collaboration for the RSC Prescad program in 2021, and we hope to be able to carry out all the collaboration and volunteer activities.