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PRESCAD/ RSC – 12 Months 4 Causes

We’re updating our RSC launching a campaign throughout 2020 called 12 months 4 causes. Every 3 months we’ll dedicate to a different cause.
We start collaborating with the pet shelter from Berga. This pet shelter was founded in 1991. At this moment they’re taking care of 20 dogs and 8 cats. Carme, the manager, tells us with enthusiasm that there are 2 workers but more than 15 volunteers. If you want to help them you just have to contact them by phone 938 22 12 91 email and, of course, following them on social networks!
During February, March and April we’ll start a campaign for gathering food and cleaning supplies which we’ll donate to the shelter. All our clients, providers and followers willing to participate can contact us and we’ll inform you about the gathering place.