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PRESCAD / Filter materials

It’s very difficult to determine what’s the most important part of the equipment we manufacture. All of them fulfill a series of functions and requeriments that we mustn’t forget.

The core of each equipment is the filtering element. The quality of these elements determines the efficiency of the entire equipment.

For this reason we bet on manufacturing with the best materials, to achieve stability, long service life and easiness of cleaning the sieve.

First of all, we must define what we want to filter and what are the conditions of the process. Only with a good definition and study will we achieve the desired results.

In another published note, we differentiated between nominal absolute filtration.

At the end of this, we can classify the materials we use to make the filtering elements between:

Surface filtration Vs Deep filtration & Nominal filtration Vs Absolute filtration


Surface filtration consists in the retention of particles on the surface of the filtering element, preventing them to trespass.

As the particles accumulate, this obstructs the passage of the fluid, causing an increase in the pressure drop of the equipment. Once we reach the preset pressure drop, the elements must be cleaned and the filtration process can continue.

This element can retain between 90-95% of all larger particles. Used in strainer sieves: baskets, temporary filters…



In- depth filtration requires a filter medium with an important thickness. The particles flow the filter medium and as they progress they’re trapped according to their size. The large rone will be retained on the surface and the fines tones continue their way into the filter media, being trapped in theinnerlayers.

The resistance to flow increases as the media become increasing lyclogged, Which means that the element must be replaced. These types of filter media are not reusable, since the in nerlayers of the filter element can’t be washed.

This element can retain 99% of the particles

We will use them as filter elements in cartridge and bagfilter


Washable materials


No-washable Materials