Espectro de filtración



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The filtration grade in a strainer or filter is one of the most important features to choose correctly the most appropriate filter housing for an industrial process. For example, a filter housing with a too fine filtration grade, can collapse in a short time and increase cleaning operations with its consequent extra charges. On the other hand, if the filtration grade is too open, it is possible that some undesired solids pass through the equipment affecting the installation and/or the main fluid itself and then cause major operating problems. For that reason, it is very important to know what type of solids we want to retain in our filtration process. This variety of filtration sizes is known as the Filtration range, that is, the range of filtration options we can work with a filter housing within an industrial process. Here is a n approximate scale from rough to fine filtration:

The PRESCAD range of equipment and products covers very fine filtrations from 1µm that we achieve with materials such as sintered stainless steel or borosilicate, filtrations from Ø0.1mm to Ø1mm which incorporates a fine stainless mesh and filtrations over Ø1mm that we achieve with the perforated plates.