PRESCAD/ Our model YS2 at complete range!

Our model YS2 at complete range! From DN25/1" up to DN250/10", PN16, PN40, 150Lbs and 300 Lbs... Available in carbon steel and stainless steel, totally adaptable with the mesh screen you need for your application. And always available in stock for urgent deliveries! Ask us!

PRESCAD / Technical Notes: Pressure drop

En un sistema tancat de canonades on fluix un líquid impulsat per una bomba, això estarà subjecte a una pressió determinada. Resistència al pas del fluidQuan es requereix eliminar qualsevol contaminant, s'instal·la un filtre o filtre, amb els elements de filtre respectius, que poden ser una malla o cistell, bossa o cartutx de metall. Tanmateix, el sistema de filtre instal·lat farà certa resistència al pas del fluid. Aquesta resistència significarà una pèrdua de pressió entre l'entrada i la pressió de...

PRESCAD / Technical notes: Differences Between Nominal and Absolute Filtration

PRESCAD / Technical notes In the filtration of liquids there are two criteria that are used to define the efficiency with which a filter can retain particles with a certain micration. These criteria are called Nominal Filtration (NF) and Absolute Filtration (AF). Differences Between Nominal and Absolute FiltrationEach filter is designed to remove particles of a certain micron size. There are situations in which it is required that absolutely all particles greater than a certain micron have to be retained by...


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