How we manufacture our industrial filters: MANUFACTURING PLAN


Once the technical department has completed the design of the equipment that we are going to manufacture, it transfers all the information (drawings, lists of materials, specifications, testing requirements, etc.) to the purchasing and production departments.

Our purchasing department is responsible for requesting the necessary materials as specified in the drawings and list of materials. And, at the same time, the production department verifies and schedules the processes for its manufacturing, in addition to reviewing the materials already available in our permanent stock. The coordinated work of the two departments is essential to receive the necessary materials on time according to production schedule, and thus be able to begin the manufacturing process without delays.

Raw material

Our base materials for the manufacture of our equipment are cast parts, forged parts, fittings, tubes, smooth and perforated sheets, metal mesh, laser parts, screws, joints, accessories… all these materials are received, inspected and validated before to be part of the manufacturing of any of our equipment.

During the reception process, the characteristics of the requested materials are validated, as well as origin and heat numbers are checked to have subsequent documentary traceability in all our equipment. Any component that does not meet the required specifications is rejected by our quality department.

Once validated and accepted, the base material enters our waiting area so that the production department can assign it to its corresponding order and thus begin its manufacturing process.

Production planning

In parallel to the entire purchasing, reception and material verification process, the production department creates internal documentation to be able to carry out the manufacturing of any of our filters. This documentation is where we specify the manufacturing requirements of each part of the equipment: customer requirements, manufacturing phases and times, planning, control and tests to be carried out, inspections by third parties, etc., in short: each and every one of the works that will be carried out during the manufacturing of our filter.

This documentation is what each operator in our factory consults to know the needs of each process and how he should execute it and if have to take into account any special specifications.

The production documentation that we generate at the beginning of each order allows us to have complete traceability of the product we are manufacturing, from the origin of the materials used to the operator and the process that has been carried out in each step of manufacturing, ensuring quality of manufacturing our products.