When is the installation of a strainer recommended?

Strainers, also commonly called filters, are equipment intended for pre-treatment, pre-filtering and protection of systems and other equipment. Sometimes they can also serve as process filtration equipment if the requirements allow it.

In industrial processes, it is important to consider the installation of a strainer/filter when our objective within the process is:

  1. When the filtration function is to protect other equipment present in the installation such as pumps, valves, exchangers or other important or critical equipment.

It is important that no solid particles reach these equipment to avoid wear and/or breakage of its internal parts. Installing a filter prior to this equipment will extend its useful life and protect it from possible damage.

  1. When the filtration function is to improve the quality of the fluid in processes with a medium-low level of demand.

If the filtration requirement is not very demanding, especially in the capture, pretreatment and prefiltration stages (whether in process or before other types of filters such as microfiltration systems or membranes), strainers/filters can be installed as filtration equipment. major.