Advantages of duplex strainers vs single strainer

filtros dobles vs filtros simples

Single filters or strainer are the type of filter that we commonly know as Y-type strainer or basket type strainers. This equipment is used in multiple applications within the industry, but sometimes and under certain conditions, they are not the most appropriate solution for our application, such as the following cases:

  • – Continuous cleaning of strainer due to clogging
  • – Long product filtration without the possibility of process interruption
  • – Cooling systems where it is not possible to stop
  • – Continuous work processes 24/7

Under these conditions, duplex strainers can provide us with ease of use, agility and security in our application, also avoiding interruptions to our process.

1. What are Duplex Strainers?

Duplex strainers are equipments made from two single strainers joined by a valve system.

The valves allow us to operate each strainer independently, having one strainer in operation and another in stand by. Therefore, we always have the possibility of changing the strainer in operation to the other that is ready to operate and so that the process does not stop. As well as being able to clean and maintain the filter that is not working without having to stop the installation.

2. Types of configurations

Duplex stainers can be presented in different configurations, basically depending on the system used to change equipment in operation.

  • Monoblock construction

The valves are integrated into a single body housing together with the strainers. The construction is compact and easy to operate, but its filtration capacity is limited.

Our #presflow DS1 model is a monoblock type

  • Assembled construction

In this type of construction, the strainers and valves are separate parts of the equipment and are joined together using threaded or flanged connections. The equipment is bigger and requires more space, but it offers great versatility since different types of valves can be used (ball, gate, butterfly, etc.) as well as multiple configurations.

Our #presflow DS2 and DS3 models offer this design and can be manufactured in multiple configurations to adapt to each need.

3. Advantages

Although logically duplex filters will be more expensive than single one, in cases like those mentioned above, having a duplex strainer can provide us with several advantages:

  • Lower operating costs for the process

The fact of being able to clean the equipment without having to stop the installation allows for better process operations and consequently lower operating costs.

  • Shorter times in filtering processes

With double filters we can avoid stops in a process to clean the filter, since by having another one on stand by, we can simply switch to the other strainer and continue with the process. This is especially useful in the process of loading/unloading tanks, transferring fluids, etc.

  • Improved safety in the process

Having one equipment in stand-by allows to always have a strainer available in case any failure occurs in the equipment (overpressures, mesh breaks, etc.), giving additional security to the process.

In summary, Duplex Strainers provide a multitude of advantages when our process is demanding, and at PRESCAD we can also offer great versatility in the design of the equipment to adapt it to each need.